Guaranteed Rent

We guarantee your payments on the same date, every month, without fail, even if there are voids in your property

No Letting Fees

We are not a Letting Agent, so we do NOT take a fee. But we DO manage all marketing and tenant viewings

No Maintenance Costs

We have our own maintenance team to arrange any day-to-day incidental maintenance issues that WILL arise

Fully Managed

We become your tenant and pay your monthly rent without fail – so, no more dealing with ANY tenant issues


What have you actually been making from your property?

Landlord true NETT MONTHLY INCOME Calculator
InArc Property
Market Rent €24,000 €22,200
Tenant Management
(Agent or your own time)
€1,500 €0
Initial Rental Fee €500 €0
Damages, Repairs, Maintenance €720 €0
Void period (1 month PA) €2000 €0
Total Yearly Nett Income €19,280 €22,200


Step 1.

We meet with you and view your property for suitability with our clients. You, the landlord will rent your property to US for a period of 3-7 years using a standard ‘Fixed Term Tenancy Agreement’ for the property. This is where your input can end!… Completely hands off and hassle free for you.

Step 2.

InArc Property would then decorating and furnishing your property as well as other upgrades and improvements at our own cost if necessary.

Step 3.

We source tenants for the property from our corporate clients. We assess and conduct viewings for these professional workers and rent out each bedroom all bills inclusive.

Step 4.

The tenants move in and everyone is happy! The TENANT wins, they have a great room in a beautiful house, WE win, because we make a profit on the rooms each month and YOU, the LANDLORD wins as you have a guaranteed rent and a free refurbishment to your property!

Step 5.

We cover all incidental maintenance on the property for the duration of the agreement up to a reasonable level; that means you don’t pay for repairs! (Excluding structural, Electrical & Central Heating System, which our maintenance team can maintain if needed and inform you of the repair costs prior to any work commencing.)

Throughout the agreement, we maintain your home to a very high standard, with fresh painting and decorating regularly, we also employ a regular fortnightly cleaner and conduct a monthly maintenance inspection on the property. We’re the best tenant you’ll ever have!

Step 6.

At the end of the agreement, you would receive your property back in a far better condition than when we started. And that’s it.


We become your tenant so you only ever deal with us… and we’ll be the best tenant you’ve ever had! We appreciate though that there will be many questions that need to be answered. Below is a list of the most common questions answered, we are completely transparent and happy to discuss our process. So please just drop us a line if you have any more queries.

1. How long are your guaranteed rent agreements with landlords?

We sign agreements from 3 to 7 years with the average being 5 years. This is dependent on the amount of work that needs to be carried out before we can let the property using our model. If we need to carry out a large refurb to bring the house up to standard we will typically require a longer agreement, however if our partner is prepared to help fund the work we can reduce this. This is open to negotiation and is flexible depending on landlord requirements.

2. What is your tenant referencing proceedure and how can you guarantee rents?

Our Tenant Referencing Procedure includes employment status & salary confirmation, address verification, Landlord referencing, bank account confirmation, credit report including rental limit and affordability calculator.

3. How does maintenance work and who covers the costs?

As well as renting properties from landlords we are building our own portfolio of properties. We have extensive knowledge of refurbishments, routine maintenance and the associated costs.
We carry out quarterly maintenance reviews on all of the properties we own and rental properties we run so we can identify potential issues before they turn into bigger, more expensive problems. We have strong relationships with trusted local contractors.
We cover one off maintenance costs up to €100 as part of our agreement, if repairs are required which are more than this we will contact you. This means that for most maintenance issues (toilets not flushing, renewing silicone in bathrooms, fixing door and cupboard handles…etc) you will not hear from us at all. For issues which require your authority we can manage the whole process for you and just issue an invoice to you for your tax records. Alternatively you can use your own contractors, your input is typically only required with heating, electrical or structural issues.

4. When do the landlords get paid?

We receive rent payments from tenants at the end of each month for the following month and we make payments to our partners at the beginning of each month for that month. We start to make your guaranteed payments as soon as the property is ready for tenants and would send a payment schedule including dates within our agreement.

5. What happens at the end of the agreement term?

You receive back your property, in most cases it will be in better condition then when the agreement began. Most Landlords will renew their agreement at this stage if they do not plan on selling.

6. Who is responsible for all tenant management?

As soon as we sign an agreement with you we are responsible and have to deal with all tenant issues, we are the first point of contact for disputes, emergencies, incidental maintenance… everything

7. Who is responsible for handling and registering tenant deposits?

We hold a ‘full month’s Rent’ deposit for each tenant under the guidelines of section 12 of the Residential Tenancies Act 2004 (

8. Who is responsible for insuring the property?

As a company we have public liability insurance which we can provide on request. As the property owner, it is your responsibility to keep the buildings and contents insurance current and at an appropriate level of cover. Residential insurance does not provide adequate cover, you will need a buy to let.

9. What information do I need to provide to get my property signed up?

As part of our diligence procedure, before we can assume control of your property we require 2 x proof of ID (1 x photo ID and 1 x utility bill) and proof of ownership of the property we will be Renting.

10. How is the condition and inventory of the property recorded?

Allowances need to be made for fair wear and tear during the period of the agreement. We always ensure a thorough inventory is carried out before we start to manage your property and periodically throughout the agreement.